The Busi­ness club is a unique online based net­work­ing facil­ity used for busi­nesses to inter­act in their own time, so no more early morn­ing break­fast clubs, or out of hours net­work­ing nights, you can net­work when­ever, from wherever.

We have a unique envi­ron­ment being linked to a suc­cess­ful pro­fes­sional sports team in that we have both a col­lec­tion of trusted busi­nesses and a flex­i­ble prod­uct which attracts atten­tion from a grow­ing cus­tomer base. We open up our resources to mem­bers of the Pre­mier Busi­ness Club and cou­ple it with use­ful tools to make the club work for your busi­ness and help gain new cus­tomers, whether it be from other busi­nesses or the gen­eral public.

The Phoenix Pre­mier Busi­ness Club can become the plat­form for your new busi­ness growth and with the poten­tial to be an active core mem­ber, you can help tai­lor the club to suit you as it evolves. All we expect as part of your mem­ber­ship is that you work the tools to your advan­tage and become pro active as an ambas­sador through pro­vid­ing use­ful feed­back, spread­ing the word or sup­port­ing us to make the club bet­ter and better.

This is a club for the mem­bers, by the mem­bers and can poten­tially be as pow­er­ful to your busi­ness as you make it.

Com­ing Soon: A step by step guide on how busi­nesses can get the most out of the Phoenix Pre­mier Busi­ness Club.

For more infor­ma­tion on how to get involved, please don’t hes­i­tate to con­tact us.

Cus­tomers — Gen­eral Public

Although being a mem­ber of the Phoenix Pre­mier Busi­ness Club can be very ben­e­fi­cial to busi­nesses, there are ben­e­fits to the gen­eral pub­lic too!

Known as a ‘Cus­tomer Mem­ber’, you can reg­is­ter for free and get access to the exclu­sive offers our Busi­ness Mem­bers are offer­ing. These are located on the ‘Spe­cial Offers’ page (and through our pro­mo­tional emails), many of which are offered only to Phoenix Pre­mier Busi­ness Club members.

You will also have access to other perks such as being able to buy tick­ets for spe­cial Man­ches­ter Phoenix Ice Hockey Games and events.

As a cus­tomer mem­ber, we value your feed­back too and like the busi­ness mem­bers, you can help us tai­lor the club dur­ing its evo­lu­tion to make it some­thing you want to rave about to every­one you know!